The Story was the first producer of letterbox cake cards with edible images in the UK.

Using locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging, made by a female led team located close to where all the yummy cakes are baked near Greater Manchester. PostCake combines greetings cards with delicious cake and people cannot get enough of sending edible memories to friends, family and colleagues all over the UK.

Growing up surrounded by strong, creative women who inspired her both in the kitchen and in day-to-day life, Pippa set up after returning to work following the birth of her first baby. Not content with the world of finance and the lack of balance, it was time to put her love of baking into action. A self-taught baker and a sweet tooth meant a lightbulb moment of making a classic postcard edible. 5 years on and PostCake is now an award-winning cake company delivering freshly baked personalised cake here in the UK; with customers from all over the world.   

Now with two children, both at school, there’s exciting times ahead as there are new products and bigger cakes coming your way. If you want to know more about the journey, receive exclusive discounts and be the first to know about new flavours and designs - come and join fellow cake fans on social media and see what Pippa’s baking next.