How it all began... logo image of green cake in pink post mark



People often ask me how I came up with📮🍰 So here is the story from the beginning of my business journey... Enjoy!

Before I launched I had previously been running a cupcake side hustle, both doing farmers markets and bespoke orders for friends and family.

During (unpaid) maternity leave, I wanted to be able to take my husband out for Father's Day with money I had earned myself. So, using an old icing printer I had been bought for Christmas a few years earlier, I decided to have a go at making photo cupcakes. I set up a Facebook page, called Selfie Cakes, and printed out some leaflets which I delivered myself whilst out walking with my then 3 month old in his pram. I wasn't sure where my new venture would take me but what I did quickly realise was that people loved cakes with their photo on!

I spent my teenage years living abroad and the internet didn't really exist (it was the 90's!) so my friends in the UK would send me cards and gifts and I would do the same in return. It was hard for me to find the right greetings card to send but postcards always seemed to have the right image or message on them in comparison to the cards I would find in Spanish newsagents. One day I got this idea in my head; what if I could make postcards edible and call them post cakes - could this be a thing?! Turns out it can 😆 and wow am I glad I decided to give it a go.

12 months later and I decided it was time to bring my lightbulb moment to life and I set up I couldn't tell you when I came up with the idea exactly but it was a while before I launched. I also couldn't tell you why I didn't just do it sooner but what I can tell you is that my idea was clear and I couldn't wait to share it with the world. Well, the UK but you get my drift!

To test the product naturally I had to send myself one. This is the original cake sent from my local post office to my home address in August 2017. 

Picture of a baby printed on a cake. The very first PostCake

It arrived in excellent condition and I knew I was on to something. What I didn't know was how to set up a website, run an online business and had never even heard of e-commerce! Luckily I'm a fast learner...

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